ES institucijos ir įstaigos

EU Institutions, bodies and agencies

ECHA is an EU agency, governed by EU public law. It has its own legal personality, but works together with the EU institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and with other EU agencies. 

The EU’s decentralised agencies contribute to the implementation of EU policies across a wide variety of fields. ECHA cooperates with other agencies, especially those working on areas such as human health, environmental protection, and food safety. It has signed agreements with several of them to strengthen this cooperation, including exchanging information and scientific data, running joint projects and coordinating processes.

The EU Agencies Network (EUAN) deepens the collaboration between all the EU agencies. Its main aims, expressed in the network’s multiannual strategy until 2027, are to help agencies add value to achieve EU objectives and become forerunners for sustainable management and working methods.