How to substitute?

Substituting substances is not necessarily a simple replacement of one chemical with another. You need to do your homework and there is no "one size fits all". Methods that work in one company may not work for your product or process. You may also need to try several alternative solutions before you find the best one. In your assessment you should not only consider the hazard but also the exposure to the chemical, different technical processes and product designs, technical performance and economic aspects. It is important to also look at wider effects such as energy and resource use, waste, recycling or social impact.


Make sure you know your substance thoroughly, for example, the effect it has on your formulation, product or process. You should also understand what are the key properties or functions that you need. You might not need to use hazardous chemicals at all. Your in-house knowledge and scientific and technical literature are probably the best sources of information at this stage.

Make a distinction between your end product and your process. You may have some requirements for your product and others for the process.

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