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REACH 2018 Get organised with your co-registrants - SIEF management and data sharing

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2 marzo 2016 11:00 - 12:00 Helsinki time


This is the third webinar of a series focusing on practical information to successfully register by the deadline of 31 May 2018.
If you register a substance for the first time and you do not have previous experience in substance information exchange forum (SIEF) activities and data sharing, you will find this webinar particularly useful. It will give you an understanding of the tasks that the SIEF needs to undertake to prepare a registration dossier. 
If your substance has already been registered but you will join the existing registration only by 2018, you will find useful information about fair, transparent and non-discriminatory data and cost sharing.
Finally, the webinar will include a Q&A session where we will address outstanding issues related to the topic.


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