The C&L Inventory to contain all information on hazardous substances on the EU market

Press Release
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The European Chemicals Agency has updated the public Classification and Labelling (C&L) Inventory with information on substances which notifiers have indicated as not classified. The Inventory also includes all notifications for EINECS substances. 

Helsinki, 27 September 2012 – With this update, ECHA has successfully addressed concerns expressed by users that for some substances, not all classifications were published leading to a skewed image. Now, the Inventory shows all notifications for substances for which there is at least one notification classifying it as hazardous according to Article 119(1) of REACH. In addition, all notifications for substances on the EC inventory are also now provided.

By including all notified information for each published substance, the Agency is promoting greater transparency and completeness of the classification information. To facilitate the further consolidation of classifications, ECHA is currently developing a web-based discussion platform, which will be released during the course of 2013.  This will stimulate Industry to make every effort to come, as close as possible, to agreed entries when self-classifying substances.

The current version of the inventory contains approximately 5.3 million notifications relating to 120 000 substances. The Inventory is maintained by the Agency and the data is refreshed on a regular basis with incoming and updated C&L information.


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