To focus the work under different REACH and CLP processes on the substances that matter most, substances of potential concern need to be identified. These include substances for which further information is needed to conclude on the hazards or risks they might pose. These also include substances for which further regulatory action needs to be considered.
This is an important part of the SVHC Roadmap to 2020 as described in the implementation plan. The goal is to identify the substances that matter most and address their concerns with the appropriate tools.
To this end, ECHA and the Member State competent authorities have developed a common screening approach to systematically screen available information for substances in the REACH registration dossiers and other databases to identify substances for the following REACH and CLP processes:
  • Compliance check for dossier evaluation;
  • Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) under substance evaluation;
  • Potential further regulatory risk management measures under the REACH and CLP regulations i.e.:
    • Harmonised classification and labelling
    • Authorisation
    • Restriction
The aim of this approach is to apply a common cross-process workflow to identify substances with certain hazard, exposure and risk profiles and process them using the most appropriate REACH or CLP process.

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