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The reaction mass of aminophosphonium salt and bisphenol AF (XA31) has been tested for its toxicity to aquatic organisms. Acute E(L)C50 values were measured in the range >1-10 mg/L (fish, daphnids, algae) while a chronic NOEC value was measured at 1 mg/L (algae).

Aquatic toxicity data have been reported for the two main constituents of the reaction mass, i.e. the aminophosphonium salt and bisphenol AF (cf. REACH disseminated dossiers - not included here). Both constituents exhibit aquatic toxicity data very similar to the ones measured on the reaction, except for the chronic toxicity data on algae. For this endpoint, a 72h-NOEC value of 0.052 mg/L has been reported for bisphenol AF, which is significantly lower than the 72h-NOEC value of 1 mg/L reported for the reaction mass. Considering the analytical deficiencies of the algal toxicity study performed on the reaction mass, it is found preferable to use for the assessment, as a worst-case, the 72h-NOEC value reported for bisphenol AF. This worst-case approach is all-the-more relevant as the aquatic (chronic) toxicity of the reaction mass is not expected to be driven by the aminophosphonium salt.

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