REACH Review Action 3

In 2018, the European Commission published the second REACH review. REACH Review Action 3 aims to improve the workability and quality of extended safety data sheets.

Industry sectors are encouraged to develop and use harmonised formats and IT tools that would provide more user-targeted information, simplify the preparation and use of extended safety data sheets and facilitate their electronic distribution.

The Commission will consider including minimum requirements for exposure scenarios for substances and mixtures in safety data sheets, and request ECHA to develop a methodology for safety data sheets of mixtures.

As a follow up to the scoping phase in 2019, the Commission services and ECHA prepared in March 2020 a progress report on the Action 3 for CARACAL. The progress report outlines the directions now emerging for improving the flow, processing and application of safe use information in safety data sheets for substances and mixtures. It also proposes various platforms, including ENES that might contribute to the future technical development work.

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