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Raccomandazione per l'inclusione nell'elenco di autorizzazioni

Raccomandazione per l'inclusione nell'elenco di autorizzazioni

ECHA regularly assesses the substances from the Candidate List to decide which ones should be included in the Authorisation List as a priority. This prioritisation is primarily based on the information in the registration dossiers on uses and volumes of the substance in the scope of authorisation. Therefore, registrants are encouraged to keep their registration dossiers up to date.

Downstream users of substances are encouraged to communicate relevant information regarding their uses and conditions of use up the supply chain to ensure that registrants have sufficient information to update their registration dossiers.

All submitted recommendations can be found on the "Submitted recommendations" page (see link in the column on the right).

Substances that are not recommended in a given round will be reassessed in the next rounds, along with the other substances on the Candidate List, and may be included in future recommendations.

The public consultation on ECHA's draft recommendation typically runs once a year.



The public consultation on ECHA's 7th draft recommendation has been launched and will end on 18 February 2016 (24:00 Helsinki time). ECHA's draft recommendation can be found under the section "Related documents" at the bottom of this webpage.

Among the substances proposed for inclusion in the 7th recommendation are four lead compounds, namely orange lead (lead tetroxide), lead monoxide (lead oxide), pentalead tetraoxide sulphate and tetralead trioxide sulphate. These substances were included in the 6th draft recommendation and underwent a three months public consultation in 2014. The substances were concluded as being of high priority for inclusion in Annex XIV but were not included in the final 6th recommendation because of workload considerations. Due to their unchanged high priority they are considered for inclusion in the 7th recommendation and therefore currently undergo another three months public consultation.

All information provided during the public consultation on the 6th draft recommendation for these four lead substances was considered when assessing the substances in the context of the 7th recommendation. There is no need to submit the same comments/information that have already been submitted during last years' public consultation as these are fully taken account of.


During the public consultation, there is in addition a parallel call for information by the European Commission on the possible socio-economic consequences of the inclusion of the substances in the Authorisation List.


Consultations close at 24:00 Helsinki time

Mostra 11 risultati.
1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, dihexyl ester, branched and linear 271-093-5 68515-50-4 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride [1], cis-cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride [2], trans-cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride [3] [The individual cis- [2] and trans- [3] isomer substances and all possible combinations of the cis- and trans-isomers [1] are covered by this entry]
18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Dihexyl phthalate 201-559-5 84-75-3 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Hexahydromethylphthalic anhydride [1], Hexahydro-4-methylphthalic anhydride [2], Hexahydro-1-methylphthalic anhydride [3], Hexahydro-3-methylphthalic anhydride [4] [The individual isomers [2], [3] and [4] (including their cis- and trans- stereo isomeric forms) and all possible combinations of the isomers [1] are covered by this entry]
18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Lead monoxide (lead oxide) 215-267-0 1317-36-8 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Orange lead (lead tetroxide) 215-235-6 1314-41-6 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Pentalead tetraoxide sulphate 235-067-7 12065-90-6 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Sodium perborate; perboric acid, sodium salt
- 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Sodium peroxometaborate 231-556-4 7632-04-4 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Tetralead trioxide sulphate 235-380-9 12202-17-4 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Trixylyl phosphate 246-677-8 25155-23-1 18/11/2015 18/02/2016
Mostra 11 risultati.

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