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REACH 2018: Completeness check – preparing a registration dossier and the most common failures

Webinar date

15 marzo 2018 11:00 - 12:00 EET, GMT +2


This webinar is relevant to any company preparing a REACH registration dossier. It focuses on manual checks performed by ECHA as part of the completeness check and the most common failures. You will receive advice on how to avoid these failures to prepare a registration dossier that can be successfully submitted. You can send your questions to our experts throughout the webinar. Note that we cannot answer questions on specific submissions - you can send those to us using our contact form.

Timing Title Speaker
11:00 Introduction Sandra Murras, ECHA
11:05 Completeness check process Mariia Aleksanian, ECHA
11:15 Validation assistant Mariia Aleksanian, ECHA
11:25 Manual checks and most common failures Ella Laakkonen, ECHA
11:45 Frequently asked questions and support Laura Lee, ECHA
11:55 Conclusions Sandra Murras, ECHA
12:00-13:00 Time reserved for answering unanswered questions  


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