Current Testing Proposals

Current Testing Proposals

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New Data Availability System

A new Data Availability System is being developed by ECHA. To begin with this system will take over the responsibility of making REACH registration data available, once it is ready. We expect the first version to be publicly available by the end of 2023.

Since ECHA aims to devote our maximum effort to this new system, we can no longer maintain REACH registration data on the current Dissemination Platform. As such once the IUCLID format change begins on 19th May 2023 we will no longer update REACH registered substance factsheets. The factsheet in the link under ‘View dossier’ will remain online, but will not be updated.

New and updated REACH registration submissions, as well as all registrations on file, will be made available in the new system when it is ready. We will inform you of what you can expect in the new System, along with details of when and where to find it. 

We appreciate your understanding in the meantime.

Current Testing Proposals

Here you can find the substances and hazard endpoints for which ECHA is currently inviting third parties to submit scientifically valid information and studies.

Please also note the following:


The link under 'View dossier'

The link under 'View dossier' to the registered substances website allows easy access to the aggregated dossiers containing further details of the testing proposed including the test method (e.g. if a modified test method for a repeated dose toxicity study has been proposed). Related information on the substance subject to the testing proposal can also be seen through this link to the aggregated data per joint registration for a substance, which has been obtained from all registration dossiers that are part of that joint registration. If the related dossier has not yet been disseminated or the substance identity is confidential, such a link cannot be given.

The Total Tonnage Band published does not necessarily reflect the registered tonnage band(s) and associated information requirement obligations. For the 'Total Tonnage Band' of the disseminated dossier, compiled data is calculated from the non-confidential quantities of a substance manufactured and/or imported by all registrants, excluding any quantity directly used as an intermediate to produce a different chemical.  


Specific grounds for the testing proposal

In some cases, the registrant may propose testing under Annex IX and X of the REACH Regulation even if the registration tonnage band is lower than the tonnage band of the REACH Annex for which the test is proposed. Such specific testing proposals may be triggered by a concern identified from previous study results and their assessment in the chemical safety report (e.g. based on Annex I.0.5 or the second column of Annex VIII section 8.7.1). This is indicated with a note after each relevant endpoint showing that the testing proposal is based on a concern identified by the registrant.  

For testing proposals on extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study (EOGRTS) third parties are invited to submit scientifically valid information and studies especially on reproductive toxicity, (developmental) immunotoxicity, (developmental) neurotoxicity and endocrine disruption (evidence on hormonal changes). 


Read-across/category approach proposed

The registrant may have proposed to apply a read-across/category approach for one or more of the testing proposals based on adaptation according to Annex XI.1.5 of the REACH Regulation. This is indicated for the relevant testing proposal endpoint(s) with a note that testing is proposed for another substance than the registered substance, giving the proposed test substance name and, where available, the EC or CAS number.

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