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Export Notifications

Export Notifications

Exports of all chemicals, mixtures, or articles that contain one or more chemicals subject to PIC must be notified in advance. It is possible to search for export notifications by year, exporting EU member state, importing country, chemical and/or mixture name and type of chemical. A refined search is possible by using multiple search criteria.

Your search for "213-449-4, 950-37-8, Methidathion" returned 15 results.

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2015 Spain Algeria Methidathion Substance
2013 Spain Algeria METHIDATHION_40% Mixture
2013 Spain Saudi Arabia METHIDATHION_40% Mixture
2012 Spain Algeria METHIDATHION_40% Mixture
2012 Spain Saudi Arabia METHIDATHION_40% Mixture
2011 Netherlands Japan Methidathion Substance
2011 Spain Algeria METHIDATHION_40% Mixture
2011 Spain Saudi Arabia METHIDATHION_40% Mixture
2010 Netherlands Japan Methidathion Substance
2010 Netherlands Korea, Republic of Methidathion Substance
2010 Netherlands Taiwan Methidathion Substance
2010 Netherlands Turkey Methidathion Substance
2010 United Kingdom Algeria METHIDATION 40% EC Mixture
2009 Germany Argentina Supracid Mixture
2009 Germany Switzerland Supracid Mixture
Showing 15 results.

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