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Information on Candidate List substances in articles

Information on Candidate List substances in articles

This information provides examples of articles containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) that are included in the Candidate List, which are available for consumer use on the EU market. The data is based both on the notifications that companies have submitted to ECHA as well as on the information contained in the registration dossiers.



This information will be updated approximately every six months. It contains non-confidential information from notifications. Additional non-confidential data from the registration dossiers can be found in the registered substances database.

Potassium hydroxyoctaoxodizincatedichromate 234-329-8 11103-86-9
Pyrochlore, antimony lead yellow 232-382-1 8012-00-8
Silicic acid (H2Si2O5), barium salt (1:1), lead-doped
[with lead (Pb) content above the applicable generic concentration limit for ’toxicity for reproduction’ Repr. 1A (CLP) or category 1 (DSD),the substance is a member of the group entry of lead compounds, with index number 082-001-00-6 in Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008]
272-271-5 68784-75-8
Silicic acid, lead salt 234-363-3 11120-22-2
Sodium chromate 231-889-5 7775-11-3
Sodium dichromate 234-190-3
Sodium perborate,perboric acid, sodium salt
Sodium peroxometaborate 231-556-4 7632-04-4
Strontium chromate 232-142-6 7789-06-2
Sulfurous acid, lead salt, dibasic 263-467-1 62229-08-7
Tetraboron disodium heptaoxide, hydrate 235-541-3 12267-73-1
Tetraethyllead 201-075-4 78-00-2
Tetralead trioxide sulphate 235-380-9 12202-17-4
Tricosafluorododecanoic acid 206-203-2 307-55-1
Triethyl arsenate 427-700-2 15606-95-8
Trilead bis(carbonate) dihydroxide 215-290-6 1319-46-6
Trilead diarsenate 222-979-5 3687-31-8
α,α-Bis[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]-4 (phenylamino)naphthalene-1-methanol (C.I. Solvent Blue 4) [with ≥ 0.1% of Michler's ketone (EC No. 202-027-5) or Michler's base (EC No. 202-959-2)] 229-851-8 6786-83-0

The table contains substances that were included in the Candidate List on 17 December 2015 and earlier. The data is based on notifications and registrations received before 31 October 2016.

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