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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

DEGDB is readily biodegradable and therefore is not P or vP. QSAR data suggests a low potential for DEGDB to bioaccumulate. However, as an experimental BCF study is not available for DEGDB the lack of B or vB criterion is not definitive. Aquatic toxicity is minimal and it is not rated as a mutagen or toxic for reproduction and available studies do not support DEGDB as having adverse chronic toxicity or being a carcinogen, therefore the T criterion is no met. Based upon the fact that substances are classified when they fulfill the criteria for all three inherent properties for P, B and T, DEGDB cannot be classified as a PBT or vPvB as it is not Persistent (P) or Toxic (T) based upon experimental data, In addition, QSAR data suggests that DEGDB is not B or vB as well.