How to find information about chemicals

ECHA maintains one of the world's largest regulatory databases on chemicals. Users have easy access to information on 120 000 chemical substances on the EU market through three layers: infocard, brief profile and source data.

The infocard offers a summary of the key information on a chemical in plain English. Through it, users can access information on:

  • The classification and labelling of chemicals;
  • The hazards of chemicals and how to use them safely;
  • The chemicals listed as being of very high concern; and
  • The chemicals for which their use has been restricted in the EU.

The brief profile goes deeper into the environmental, human health and physico-chemical properties of the chemical.

The third level, source data, includes the raw data submitted by industry to ECHA.

ECHA's database includes information from REACH registrations and classification and labelling notifications from industry as well as data gathered by EU Member States and regulators through substance evaluation and regulatory risk management such as harmonised classification and labelling, authorisation and restriction.

For biocides, ECHA publishes information on active substances, biocidal products as well as a list of active substance and product suppliers. Statistics on the export and import of hazardous substances that are regulated under the Prior Informed Consent Regulation (PIC) are also available on ECHA's website.

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