Harmonised classification and labelling previous consultations

Several consultations on the proposed harmonised classifications and labelling for a number of substances have already taken place and have now been closed. These substances are listed in the table below together with the CLH proposals. The comments received during the consultation, along with the non-confidential attachments, are available on the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome.

After finalising the consultation, the proposals, together with the comments received, will be discussed by ECHA's Risk Assessment Committee, which will issue a scientific opinion on the proposal.

All documentation will be submitted to the European Commission which in the end will decide on the classification. Any new classifications will be included in the list of harmonised classifications (Annex VI to the CLP Regulation) and will also be published on ECHA's website.


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Substance Details

glyphosate (ISO); N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine
EC Number
CAS Number
Dossier submitter
CLP Annex VI Index Number
Current entry in Annex VI of CLP Regulation
Eye Dam. 1, H318
Aquatic Chronic 2, H411
Proposed future entry in Annex VI of CLP Regulation by the dossier submitter As proposed by the dossier submitter. This information may be subject to change until the opinion is adopted by RAC
Eye Dam. 1, H318
STOT RE 2, H373
Aquatic Chronic 2, H411
Start of consultation
Deadline for commenting
CLH report
Annexes to the CLH report
Hazard classes open for commenting
All health hazards except respiratory sensitisation and aspiration hazard
Environmental hazards except hazardous to the ozone layer
Link to Registry of CLH intentions until outcome
Comments received
Attachments received

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