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Despite limited information on nanomaterials in waste, existing data is valuable for waste operators

A new report shows that limited data is available on the amount of waste streams containing nanomaterials in the EU. However, despite this, existing public data on waste is highly valuable for waste managers, scientists, regulatory bodies, and potentially consumers.

New guideline reduces animal testing and protects from allergies caused by chemicals

ECHA has published advice to registrants on how to reliably combine different sources of alternative data when assessing skin sensitisation of chemicals. This reduces the need to test on animals, while protecting people from allergies. The advice is based on a recent OECD guideline.

REACH requirements need to be considered in chemical recycling

Chemical recycling of plastic waste currently covers different technologies with varying potential for contributing to a circular economy, a new report finds. Following REACH registration requirements for recycled materials and finding ways to eliminate substances of concern from plastic waste streams are key to achieving non-toxic recycling.



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