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ECHA Weekly

New issue of ECHA Newsletter online

The May Newsletter gives a preview to the upcoming ECHA Stakeholders' Day. It includes a practical advice piece on the fourth step to a successful REACH registration, which is about assessing the hazard and risk of chemicals. We also have interviews with the stakeholders' day speakers: Janet Greenwood sheds light on the challenges of SMEs for REACH 2018 and Dr Erwin Roggen talks about intelligent testing strategies. Our guest columnist from a research organisation urges registrants: time is running out!

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New support for companies registering low tonnage, low risk chemicals

ECHA has published an inventory of substances, which are likely to fulfil the criteria to be hazardous. The inventory helps REACH registrants, who manufacture or import between 1 to 10 tonnes per year, in deciding whether they may be able to register their substance with limited information.

News alert | Annex III inventory

European Commission - News on chemicals

REACH and alternatives to animal testing: new rules for skin sensitisation and skin corrosion/irritation tests

The European Commission will amend REACH annexes to replace in-vivo tests by in vitro or in chemico, for the testing of chemical substances for skin corrosion/irritation, serious eye damage/eye irritation and acute toxicity and for skin sensitisation. The amendments reflect the significant scientific progress made in recent years in the development of non-animal test methods. The amendments are timely and will significantly reduce the amount of animal tests needed in the run up to meet the last REACH registration deadline in 2018.

News on Commission's website

Guidance on risk characterisation for physicochemical properties updated

This update of the Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment, Part E (Risk Characterisation) consists of a revision of the sections regarding risk characterisation for physicochemical properties only. The relevant sections of the Guidance have been redrafted to clarify the registrant's legal obligations in this respect and provide advice on how to fulfil them. In addition, Appendix E.1: "Questionnaires for assessing the risks of accident, fire and explosion" has been removed. Stakeholder feedback indicated that the example was not helpful, requiring information about the user(s) of the substance that is usually not available to the registrant.

Guidance on IR&CSA

Downstream users

Survey for feedback on the CSR/ES Roadmap and ENES

ECHA has launched a survey to gather feedback from the CSR/ES Roadmap and the Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES) communities on initiatives to help implement the REACH exposure scenario concept. The survey is part of an interim evaluation that will help to set priorities and future direction. The findings will be published (at ENES10) in November. This survey is aimed at industry and a similar survey for authorities will follow in the next few days. If you have followed the activities of the CSR/ES Roadmap or ENES and want to complete the survey, please click on the link below. The survey will close on 8 June 2016.

Link to survey

Calls for information

Testing proposals

ECHA has launched a public consultation on the testing proposals for four substances. Submit comments by 1 July 2016.

Have a look at the 59 currently open consultations on our home page.

Public consultations


Stakeholders' Day – see who's speaking
24-25 May 2016

One week to go to our Stakeholders' Day (24-25 May). Our staff will provide the latest updates and advice on the REACH 2018 deadline and five guest speakers from industry and Member States will present case studies. See the full list of speakers with biographies. If you signed up but cannot make it, please let us know by email at: You can also follow the event online and submit your questions to the Q&A panel remotely. A link to view the web-stream will be available on ECHA's homepage on the day.

Event page | List of speakers

Workshop on Socio-economic analysis in applications for authorisation and restriction under REACH
29 June 2016, 09:00-17:00
Auditorium, Breyel Buildings, Brussels

ECHA and the European Commission (Directorates-General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Environment) will organise a workshop on socio-economic analysis in applications for authorisation and restriction under REACH on 29 June 2016.

This event aims to clarify the role of socio-economic analysis (SEA) under REACH and is aimed at Member States, European Parliament and stakeholders.

To develop the programme for the workshop ECHA is conducting a survey on SEA. Anyone involved in the REACH authorisation and restriction processes are invited to complete the survey.

More information | Survey

IUCLID administrator webinar: switching from IUCLID 5.6 to IUCLID 6
1 June 2016, 11:00-13:00 EEST (GMT+3)

The webinar will cover server administration for multiple users, new user management features including ‘Instance Based Security' (IBS), merging several IUCLID 5 installations into one IUCLID 6 database and tips for migrating your data. Presentations will be followed by a question and answer session.

This webinar is intended for advanced users of IUCLID.


Workshop on soil risk assessment: proceedings published

The proceedings of ECHA's topical scientific workshop on soil risk assessment (7-8 October 2015) have been published. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the possible impact of the latest scientific developments on the regulatory soil risk assessment.


REACH 2018

741 days until the REACH 2018 deadline


Committee for Risk Assessment
23-27 May 2016

Committee for Socio-economic Analysis
31 May-3 June 2016

Member State Committee
6-9 June

Biocidal Products Committee
14-16 June


ECHA is looking for seconded national experts


Stakeholders' Day
25 May 2016

Use maps: how downstream users and registrants can benefit
15 June 2016

Getting familiar with the new Chemical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool (Chesar 3.0)
21 June 2016

Socio-economic analysis in applications for authorisation and restrictions under REACH
29 June 2016

REACH 2018 webinar: Assess hazard and risk
20 July 2016

Biocides Stakeholders' Day
1 September 2016


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Proceedings of the soil risk assessment workshop

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