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Q What should be included in an inquiry?

An inquiry dossier should contain: 

  • Information about the potential registrant. 
  • Information about the identity of the inquired substance. The analytical data (qualitative and quantitative data) provided in the inquiry dossier should be sufficient to verify the identity and composition of the substance.  
  • Information requirements where the potential registrant would need to carry out new studies, including those involving vertebrate animals. 

As a result of submitting an inquiry the potential registrant is put in contact with previous registrants and other potential registrants of the substance. By doing so, we ensure that data is shared by all registrants of the same substance and that the joint submission obligations are met. 

Date de modification: 11/12/2019
Topic: REACH
Scope: Inquiry
Chapter: A. Inquiry, regulatory
ID: 0444
Version: 1.4

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