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Q Does the exemption from the authorisation requirement for substances in mixtures (Article 56(6)b of REACH) depend on their classification in any hazard class or only the hazard classes for which the substance was included in the authorisation list?

The authorisation requirement does not apply to the use of CMR substances when they are present in mixtures below the concentration limits specified in Article 11(3) of the CLP Regulation, which result in the classification of the mixture as hazardous (Article 56(6)b of REACH).

Only the hazard class (or hazard classes) which specifically led to inclusion of the substance in the authorisation list should be taken into account.

The basis for this is to target the intrinsic properties of highest concern, which is the objective of the authorisation process.

This is reflected in the legal provisions of REACH:

  • Article 62(4), which requires an application for authorisation only for the hazard class given in the authorisation list, and
  • Article 60(2), which limits the assessment of a request for authorisation to the hazard class given in the authorisation list under the adequate control route.


Date de modification: 03/10/2018
Topic: REACH
Scope: Authorisation
Chapter: b) Scope
ID: 1219
Version: 1.0
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