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Q I am a downstream user and the European Commission has not yet decided on the application for authorisation of my supplier of the substance. The sunset date is approaching or is even passed. What should I do?

You can continue using the substance also after the sunset of the substance, provided that a company up your supply chain has applied for authorisation for your use before the latest application date for this substance.

If the Commission has made the decision of granting an authorisation you must notify the use to ECHA three months from the first delivery of the substance. Note that you can notify ECHA about your use only after the Commission's decision. Your notification needs to refer to the specific authorisation number indicated in the label of the product and the safety data sheet you receive from your supplier, which corresponds to your use. Authorisation numbers have the format 'REACH/xx/x/x'. See also and

Date de modification: 11/07/2017
Topic: REACH
Scope: Autorisation
Chapter: Applications for Authorisation - a) Scope and procedure
ID: 1358
Version: 1.0

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