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Q What are the consequences of a TCC failure close to the 2018 registration deadline? What impact will it have on the registration number of the lead and members of a joint submission?
  • To be legally on the market from 31 May 2018 onwards, any registrant (lead or member) that intends to benefit from the phase-in scheme of this particular registration deadline must have submitted a registration dossier to ECHA by this deadline. A dossier is considered to be submitted if it has been uploaded in REACH-IT and passed the business rules step, as long as it has not been rejected due to incompleteness caused by non-payment of the fee, or second failure of the technical completeness check. Please note the following in relation to a TCC failure close to the registration deadline:
  • A member registrant cannot submit a dossier before the dossier of the lead registrant of that substance has been submitted. As soon as the lead registrant submits a dossier to ECHA (uploads it in REACH-IT and passes the business rules step), member registrants of that joint submission can submit their dossiers.
  • Member registrants cannot receive their registration numbers before the lead dossier is found to be complete. This means that submitted member dossiers are ‘parked’ in the submission pipeline until a decision is taken on the completeness of the lead dossier.
  • If a registration dossier fails the completeness check, ECHA informs the registrant of the missing/incomplete information and grants a deadline by which the registrant has one attempt to complete the information. If the registrant submits all the requested information to ECHA within the deadline, the dossier will receive a registration number and the registration date will be the date of the first submission. If this dossier is the lead registrant dossier, all submitted member dossier for that joint submission will be released from being ‘parked’ and will be processed for completeness.
  • Should also the second submission result in a failure of the completeness check then the combination of the first and second submissions will be rejected and no registration number is issued for that registrant. In case the rejected submission is the lead registrant dossier, a registration number is also not issued for any member registrant of that joint submission. 

The technical completeness check (including manual checks) is in general performed on each dossier within three weeks of its submission date. However, for phase-in substances submitted in the course of the two-month period immediately before the relevant registration deadline, the completeness check may take up to three months after the deadline. Registrants who wish to have the outcome of the completeness check in advance of the 2018 registration deadline may consider these timelines.

Date de modification: 09/11/2018
Topic: REACH
Scope: Completeness check
Chapter: General questions
ID: 1326
Version: 1.0

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