Consultation sur les éventuelles substances dont la substitution est envisagée

Consultation sur les éventuelles substances dont la substitution est envisagée

Consultation sur les éventuelles substances dont la substitution est envisagée

If an active substance meets any of the criteria for substitution listed in Article 10(1) of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), then the evaluating competent authority may identify the substances as a potential candidate for substitution.

If this is the case, before submitting its opinion on the approval or renewal of the active substance to the Commission, ECHA will launch a consultation on the active substance in question.

During the consultation the following information is made public:

  • substance identity (name and EC/CAS numbers)
  • product-type(s),
  • evaluating competent authority,
  • intended uses
  • condition(s) of Article 10(1) that are met

This applies to applications for approval or for renewal of approval of active substances, as described under Articles 7 and 13 of the BPR respectively, as well as to substances which are currently being evaluated as part of the Review Programme and to on-going applications for new active substances submitted under Article 11 of the Biocidal Products Directive.

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Substance Details

Hexaflumuron (ISO),1-(3,5-dichloro-4-(1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethoxy)phenyl)-3-(2,6-difluorobenzoyl)urea
Product type
Intended use

Used as a termiticide in ready-to-use baits and cellulose-based bait for protection of terrains (e.g. gardens, parks, fields, avenues and landscaping) and structures (e.g. houses, apartments, studios, mansions, chateaux, churches, restaurants, hotels, business premises, public and community buildings)

Target organisms:

  • Termites
  • Subterranean termites
  • Tropical termites
  • Reticulitermes spp.
  • Coptotermes spp.
  • Heterotermes spp.
  • Nasutitermes spp.
  • All developmental stages

Mode of action: insect growth regulator of the benzyl urea class

Application method: Bait, Bait stations

Field of use:

  • Indoors (above ground, wall-mounted)
  • Outdoors (in ground)

Categories of users: trained professionals/professionals

Please provide information on possible alternatives (chemical and non-chemical) for the targeted organisms and intended use. Chemical alternatives might have similar or different modes of action and application methods than hexaflumuron, or be active substances allowed for the same PT but without known products on the market for the same use (potential candidates to develop alternative products for the intended use).

Any information on alternatives under development are also welcome.

Please note that you might be contacted for any follow-up questions on the topic.

EC Number
CAS Number
Evaluating competent authority
Which conditions of Article 10(1) are met
10(1)(a): meeting the criteria for being PBT
Start date for providing information
Deadline for providing information
Link for providing information
Give Comments
Information received

Consultation process

The consultation gathers relevant information on the availability of substitutes or alternatives to the active substance in question. Information on the availability of possible alternatives is highly important to support the comparative assessment that is required for the authorisation of biocidal products containing the active substance (considered as a candidate for substitution).

The consultation lasts for 60 days.

Interested third parties may submit relevant information using a secure web-form.

The information submitted may be non-confidential or confidential. If you claim information to be confidential, you will need to provide a justification. Any information claimed confidential will only be available to members of the Biocidal Products Committee (BPC), the Member State competent authorities and the BPC Secretariat in ECHA.

All non-confidential information submitted during the process will be made available to the BPC members, accredited stakeholders and applicant(s) for the active substance. The non-confidential comments will also be available on the dedicated pages of the ECHA website.

At the end of the consultation period, the Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) will take into account the confidential and non-confidential information received before finalising its opinion.

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