Action area 3: IT tools and standardisation


Action 3.1: Develop IUCLID and Chesar

Chesar and IUCLID have been updated to implement some of the concepts developed in the context of the CSR/ES Roadmap. They also include better support the CSA process for complex substances like UVCBs or substances which change form or composition during/after use with the implementation of the Assessment entity concept.

Status: Completed

Major development completed. Continuous improvement ongoing

Release of Chesar 3 and IUCLID 6 in 2016.

Contact Person(s)

    François Le Goff, Directorate C - Registration, ECHA 
    Email: francois.legoff(at)
  • Chesar
    Hélène Magaud, Directorate C - Registration, ECHA
    Email: helene.magaud(at)

[Last update: October 2016]

Action 3.2: Develop existing exposure assessment tools

There are various on-going activities to assess existing exposure tools based on their users' experience e.g. ECETOC TRA, Consexpo. Based on this, the needs for further development and/or tool/guidance updates will be identified.

Status: Ongoing.

Contact Person(s)

  • Erwin Annys, Cefic 
    Email: ean(at)
  • Exposure tool owners

[Last update: October 2016]

Action 3.3: Develop the ESCom phrase catalogue and ESComXML

The ESCom catalogue of standard phrases and IT format (ESComXML) are intended to support the efficient communication of exposure scenario information. They allow automated exchange of harmonised information on safe use of chemicals between various actors in the supply chain and their own systems. The ESCom catalogue of standard phrases is updated twice a year. The ESCom XML format is updated every two years.

Status: Completed

Major development Completed. Continuous improvement ongoing.

Contact Person(s)

  • Alejandro Garabatos, Cefic
    Email: aga(at)
  • Dook Noij, Cefic
    Email: dook.noij(at)

[Last update: May 2016]

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