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Demandes d'autorisation

Demandes d'autorisation

The application for authorisation process includes a period of public consultation. It lasts for eight weeks.


Instructions for providing comments

Anyone can provide information on alternative substances or technologies for the uses of Annex XIV substances included in applications for authorisation. Those most likely to be interested are companies, organisations representing industry or civil society, individual citizens, as well as public authorities.

The following documents describe the public consultation process:


Document Description  
Public consultation on alternatives Presentation describing the public consultation process and the applicant's role in this process. Download
[PDF] [MP4] [WMV]
Submission of information on alternatives Instructions of how interested third parties can submit information for the public consultation on alternatives for applications for authorisation. Download
Format for "Public version" Download
Format for "Complete version" Download


Provide your comments

In order to facilitate the work of ECHA's Committees in reviewing the comments received, you are kindly invited to provide your comments in English preferably. By clicking on a link in the table below, you will get access to the full broad information on the use applied for, and to the related commenting form. Comments are welcomed from the EU or beyond.

Consultations close at 23:59 Helsinki time (EET).

Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation

0112-01 Sodium dichromate 234-190-3
05/04/2017 HAPOC GmbH & Co KG Use of sodium dichromate in molten bath form to modify surfaces, especially by blackening, of delicate medical products, specifically micro-surgical instruments Opinion development
0113-01 Sodium dichromate 234-190-3
05/04/2017 Gruppo Colle.S.r.l. Use of Sodium dichromate as mordant in wool dyeing Opinion development
0114–01 Chromium trioxide 215-607-8 1333-82-0 05/04/2017 Hansgrohe SE The use of chromium trioxide for electroplating of different types of substrates with the purpose to create a long-lasting high durability surface with bright (shiny) or matte look (Functional plating with decorative character) Opinion development
0114–02 Chromium trioxide 215-607-8 1333-82-0 05/04/2017 Hansgrohe SE The use of chromium trioxide for a pre-treatment step (etching) in the electroplating process Opinion development
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