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Gestion qualité intégrée

Gestion qualité intégrée

Quality Organisation

The implementation of ECHA's Integrated Management System is a corporate project and pertains to all of its activities. The Agency's Quality Organisation is designed for enhanced cooperation and communication, and for achieving a harmonised approach on quality matters throughout the Agency.

The Quality Steering Committee advises the Executive Director and the Management Board on matters relevant to Quality Management.

The Quality Manager is the Management Representative who assists the Agency's Senior Management in the realisation of the Agency's Quality and Environmental Policy.

The Quality Assurance Officers, located within individual Directorates, act as the interface between the Quality Manager and the Agency's Directorates. They assist the Directors and the Quality Manager with the harmonised implementation of the management system and its continual improvement, in order to ensure the system's consistency and integrity.

Stakeholder Feedback

The Agency is committed to provide services that create value and meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders in a balanced way.  We foster an open and structured dialogue with our stakeholder community and invite all our stakeholders to provide us with their feedback on our performance.

We appreciate receiving any kind of feedback on our work. It will help us to shape and improve our services and to consistently deliver to a high standard.

If you wish to give us general feedback or express your appreciation with our work, please use the feedback form.

Feedback form


If you have a complaint about the practice of the Agency concerning administrative or regulatory matters, please use the complaints form. 

Complaints form

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