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Workshop on Strictly Controlled Conditions

Thursday 24 May 2012 | ECHA Conference Centre, Helsinki

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) held a one day workshop on 24 May 2012 on Strictly Controlled Conditions (SCCs).

ECHA met with the representatives of the participating Member States in the Forum pilot project on intermediates to clarify ECHA's understanding of the Guidance on Intermediates and the interpretation of the SCCs.
During the workshop, presentations from ECHA addressed the following aspects:

  1. An explanation of ECHA's views and strategy regarding the Article 36 letters, and
  2. Elaboration of the Guidance on Intermediates and in particular how the SCCs should be understood.


Agenda - Forum Workshop on SCC [PDF]

Summary of discussions

Download the Workshop Summary Report [PDF]
Annex 1: Letter to ECHA - 18 July 2011 [PDF]
Annex 2: Reply to CEFIC - 27 September 2011 [PDF]



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