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Try out IUCLID Cloud online


You can now get familiar with the ECHA Cloud Services by trying out the new IUCLID Cloud Trial. It allows you to work with IUCLID online without having to install the application.

Helsinki, 3 May 2017 – In the trial service, you can either use the IUCLID Cloud application to import and view your substance and dossier datasets or launch the IUCLID Cloud client (traditional IUCLID that stores data in the cloud) to edit datasets. You will get 100 MB of data storage and automatic updates of IUCLID.

The trial is there to let you experience what IUCLID Cloud for SMEs will offer in the full version. Try it out and give us your ideas for improvement by joining our new LinkedIn group for the IUCLID services.

The IUCLID Cloud for SMEs, with all functionalities to prepare and validate a complete dossier online, will be available in July 2017. A guided SMEs support for dossier creation in the IUCLID Cloud will be included in the service by the end of 2017.

Limitations of the trial 

As the current service is a trial, there are no backups taken of the data, limited helpdesk support, and you will not be able to use all IUCLID functionalities.