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Guidance on identifying endocrine disruptors published


Scientific criteria have been agreed to identify endocrine disruptors under the EU legislation for pesticides and biocides. The criteria for biocides apply from 7 June 2018.

Helsinki, 7 June 2018 – A drafting group consisting of scientific staff from ECHA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), with the support of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), have developed scientific guidance to enable the identification of endocrine disruptors. The guidance advises applicants and assessors of the competent regulatory authorities on how to identify endocrine disruptors in accordance with the endocrine disruptor criteria.

The European Commission tasked ECHA and EFSA to develop the guidance to ensure harmonised implementation of the endocrine disruptor criteria throughout the EU for the assessment of biocides and plant protection products. The guidance has been consulted with the Agencies’ stakeholders, ECHA’s endocrine disruptor expert group and Member States’ biocides and pesticides competent authorities.

ECHA will host a webinar on 19 June to explain the practical implications of the criteria and the new guidance to the affected companies and authorities with obligations under the Biocidal Products Regulation.