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2 October

New public consultation on the proposed restriction of NPs and NPEs in textile articles

The public consultation on the restriction proposal is open from 18 September 2013 to 18 March 2014. Early comments are welcome by 29 November 2013 to assist with the first discussions on the proposal.

NPs are used as intermediates in the production of various derivatives, mainly NPEs which can break down into NPs again in the environment. NPEs are still used, for example as detergents, in the manufacturing of textile articles, particularly outside the EU. Washing of these textile articles releases NPs and NPEs to the environment through waste water. The reason for the proposed action is a concern for the aquatic environment.


ECHA next week

Biocidal Products Committee
9-10 October 2013


Give your feedback for development of the QSAR Toolbox

In an effort to further develop the QSAR Toolbox, ECHA is conducting a survey with the users of the Toolbox. We want to learn from your experience and hear your ideas for improvement in order to make the third development phase of the tool a success.

The feedback will be used by ECHA and the OECD to understand the needs of stakeholders, and to address the requirements of the Toolbox users.

The survey is open until 21 October. All stakeholders with experience using the Toolbox are encouraged to have their say. Your participation is very important to us and all of your responses will be kept confidential.

Go to survey | QSAR Toolbox

Survey of SMEs for the 2013 registration deadline

A survey of first-time SME registrants who submitted dossiers for the 2013 registration deadline has been launched, with individual emails sent to all applicable registrants.

With the 2018 registration deadline in mind, we want to understand the challenges that SMEs have faced in complying with REACH. The results of the survey will help us to plan, adapt and improve our support for SMEs in the coming years.

The survey will be open until 11 October.


CLP terms now also online in Croatian

More terminology in Croatian is now available on ECHA-term. In addition to the key REACH terminology extracted earlier this year, the users can find the main CLP terms and hazard/precautionary statements.

In total, more than 300 CLP related entries with their definitions are now available. The terms can be filtered according to the domain and can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel or TermBase eXchange format.

ECHA-term supports your work in 23 EU languages.




  Presentations and video recordings available for two webinars

How to bring your registration dossier in compliance with REACH – Tips and Hints
(part 4)

11 September 2013

The webinar provides feedback to registrants on how to submit information on chemical substances in the technical dossier to ECHA in compliance with REACH.


Presentations and recordings

Downstream users: Navigating ECHA's website for information on chemical substances

19 September 2013

The webinar gives an overview of the information available on the ECHA website that is helpful for downstream users. This includes registration and classification and labelling details on the substances they receive, and if any restriction or authorisation applies.

Presentations and recordings


Deadline: 18 October
2 testing proposals

Deadline: 24 October
1 testing proposal

Deadline: 4 November
6 testing proposals

Identification of substances of very high concern

Deadline: 17 October
7 substances

Draft recommendation of substances for the Authorisation List

No consultations currently ongoing

Harmonised classification and labelling

Deadline: 7 October
1 consultation

Deadline: 11 October
2 consultations

Deadline: 21 October
2 consultations

Deadline: 11 November
1 consultation


Deadline: 18 March 2014
2 substances

Applications for authorisation

Deadline: 9 October
1 consultation

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