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These consultations relate to topics that are not necessarily connected to the identification of candidates for substitution or to the derogations concerning the exclusion criteria for the approval of active substances. These consultations are launched, for example, in the context of Article 75 (1) (g) mandates from the European Commission.

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Non-chemical rodenticides
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Call for information to help the European Commission and EU Member States to decide whether to renew the authorisation of rodenticides that contain anticoagulant active substances
Objective of the call

The active substances contained in the anticoagulant rodenticides (ARs) meet the substitution criteria indicated in Article 10(1)(a) and (e) of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

ECHA has performed a first comparative assessment of the anticoagulant rodenticides in 2017, in support of the first renewal of their authorisation. The link to the opinion adopted by the Biocidal Products Committee can be found below under ’Related documents’.

Following a new request from the European Commission, ECHA will now perform a comparative assessment of the alternatives to ARs, chemical and non-chemical. This information will support the Member States in charge of the evaluation of the second renewal of the authorisation. This consultation aims to gather information on potentially available non-chemical means of control and prevention methods, which could be effective alternatives to ARs.

If any of the information you provide through the consultation is confidential, you will need to justify the reasons for confidentiality. Otherwise, it will be published online.

The European Commission, together with Member States, will take into account the information collected in the comparative assessment.

ECHA is organising this consultation on behalf of the European Commission.

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