Kuuleminen ECHAn pääjohtajan pyynnöstä


This consultation is held to support the RAC in adopting an opinion concerning a specific issue related to the classification and labelling of a substance following a request from ECHA's Executive Director according to Article 77(3) of REACH.
Only the comments addressing the topic of the request will be taken into account. 
Write your comments in English, if possible.
There are currently no ongoing consultations.



All non-confidential information submitted during the consultation will be made available to Member State Competent Authorities (MSCAs), dossier submitters, RAC members, accredited stakeholders and the RAC and ECHA Secretariats. The non-confidential comments and attachments will appear on the ECHA website after the adoption of the opinion.
If you choose to submit information that you deem to be confidential, this will be available only to ECHA, its Committees, and the dossier submitter. In this case, we kindly ask you to submit a non-confidential version of the information so that, if needed, this could be made publicly available. Further practical instructions on the submission of the information are provided in the form.