Second meeting of the ECHA-Stakeholder Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES2), 21-22 May 2012, Helsinki




Session 1: What has been achieved so far.  What's working well!  What needs improvement!

Session 2: Working with exposure scenarios from 2010 registrations

  • Providing useful environmental risk management advice to downstream users - Group discussions

Session 3: Clarification on the basic principles in environmental assessment

  • Conclusions from Day 1 (see session 5)

Session 4:  Preparing good quality chemical safety reports and exposure scenarios for the environment - Group Discussions

Topic A:  The role of downstream user organisations in creating consolidated and well-structured sets of information on the "realistic conditions of use"

Topic B: Organising the environmental information inputs for a joint CSR

Topic C:  Setting the boundaries of the exposure scenario to keep the integrity of the registrant's CSR

Topic D:  Inorganic substances and metals – challenges in deriving and communicating exposure scenarios.

Session 5:  Reporting on Break-out Group Discussions

Session 6: Conclusions and next steps



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