The CLP Regulation ensures that the hazards presented by chemicals are clearly communicated to workers and consumers in the European Union through classification and labelling of chemicals.




In most of the cases, suppliers need to decide on the classification of a substance or mixture. This is called self-classification.


Suppliers must label a substance or mixture contained in packaging according to CLP before placing it on the market either when:

  • A substance is classified as hazardous
  • A mixture contains one or more substances classified as hazardous above a certain threshold.



Safety Data Sheets


Safety data sheets are the main communication tool between suppliers and users of substances and mixtures.
The safety data sheets include information on the physical, chemical and hazardous properties of the substance or mixture as well as instructions for their handling, disposal and transport, and for first-aid, fire-fighting and exposure control measures.

Harmonised Classification and Labelling


 Certain situations require that the classification of a substance is harmonised and made obligatory at Community level to ensure an adequate risk management throughout the European Community.


Alternative chemical name in mixtures


Suppliers who are concerned about disclosing the full composition of a mixture, on the label or in the safety data sheet, can request the use of an alternative chemical name for a substance to protect the confidential nature of their business, and in particular, their intellectual property rights.

C&L Inventory


The Classification and Labelling (C&L) Inventory is a database that contains basic classification and labelling information on notified and registered substances received from manufacturers and importers.


Nanomaterials under REACH and CLP


Nanotechnology is rapidly expanding and is being used in various areas, such as health care, consumer products like cosmetics, electronics, energy technologies, food, and agriculture.

Poison Centres


Poison Centre website is established to host the tools and format to support the submission of information by companies to the appointed bodies and Poison Centres.