Registration Dossier

Manufacture, use & exposure

Consumer Uses

Consumer uses

Registration/ Notification status for the use:
use registered according to REACH Article 10; total tonnage manufactured/imported <10tonnes/year per registrant
Use name:
Used as fragrance in the formulation of Cosmetic products as per IFRA.
Regulatory status:
use in cosmetics products
Type of composition:
legal entity composition of the substance
State / form:
Reference substance:
Composition 1
Contributing activity / technique for the environment
Name of activity / technique:
Use of Waste treatment plant to reduce the exposure to environment.
Environmental release category (ERC):
ERC8c: Widespread use leading to inclusion into/onto article (indoor)
ERC8f: Widespread use leading to inclusion into/onto article (outdoor)
Contributing activity / technique for consumers
Name of activity / technique:
Exposure of the Consumer to the product should be maintained under recommended dosage.
Product category (PC):
PC 39: Cosmetics, personal care products
Substance supplied to this use in the form of:
as such
Subsequent service life relevant to this use:
Insignificant exposure via the following route:
Insignificant release via the following route:
Pattern of exposure: