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The determined Kocvalues indicate that the substance will be immobile in the soil compartment.

Based on the low calculated Henry's law constant of 9.56 E-06 Pa.m3/mol it can be concluded that once emitted to the water compartment BPA 2 OP will have no tendency to partition into air.

Based on Level III distribution modelling using EPISUITE (assuming equal and continuous releases to air, water and soil), it is estimated that the majority of the substance released to the environment will partition mainly into soil (70%) and water (28%) with small amounts to air (1.14%) and sediment (<1%).

The SimpleTreat model, which is incorporated in EUSES, simulates the distribution oft he substance in a Sewage Treatment Plant. The results of this show that the substance will not be degraded and that 75% oft he substance will partition to water and 25% to sewage sludge.