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Follow up to dossier evaluation decisions

Can the deadline of the dossier evaluation decision be extended if we cannot provide the requested information on time?

No, ECHA cannot alter the deadline of the decision, because it is unanimously agreed by the representatives of the Member States.
ECHA acknowledges that technical difficulties in testing a substance may lead to delays or to the inability to provide the requested information by the deadline set in the decision. 

In any case, we advise you to submit an update of your dossier by the deadline set in the decision, including any relevant explanations and evidence concerning the possible delay and the expected submission date. You should then update your dossier again as soon as the missing information is available.

However, if you believe that the technical difficulties prevent you from testing altogether, you can, on your own responsibility, adapt the standard information requirements (see Q&A 1064).

After the deadline, ECHA will check whether a dossier update is submitted and whether the information provided fulfils the information requirements. If during the follow-up evaluation ECHA finds that some or all of the requested information is missing, the national enforcement authorities will be informed.

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