ECHA’s activities on restrictions

European Commission's requests to ECHA

Following the European Commission's requests, ECHA prepares Annex XV restriction dossiers, reviews existing entries and investigates the need to prepare a restriction proposal. The outcome of the work is reported and the possible further actions can be followed on ECHA's website. ECHA may launch consultations and calls for evidence during the preparatory work.

ECHA's restriction dossiers prepared according to Article 69(2)

After the sunset date for a substance included on the Authorisation List (Annex XIV) has passed, Article 69(2) of REACH requires ECHA to consider if the use of the substance in articles is adequately controlled and if it isn't, prepare a dossier which conforms to the requirement of an Annex XV dossier for restriction.

Following the latest application date for the substance specified in the Authorisation List, ECHA will gather information on all the uses of the substance in articles from various sources and then screen those uses for potential risk. If there is a potential for a risk from at least one of the uses, the preparation of an Annex XV restriction dossier will be initiated, at the latest, following the relevant sunset date.


Overview of Article 69(2) process

Overview of Article 69(2) process.

Where ECHA has determined that no restriction proposal should be prepared for a substance included in Annex XIV, a short justification will be given in the Annex XV format and this will be put on the ECHA website.