Activities under IPA

Activities implemented under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) are funded by the European Union. These ECHA-driven projects provide capacity building for the European Union candidate and potential candidate countries to support their implementation of the EU chemicals legislation, and cooperation with ECHA.

ECHA has been active in capacity building projects in the Western Balkans and Turkey since 2009.

IPA 2020-2021 EU Events

EU events

Safer Chemicals Conference 2020

2 June 2020

The Safer Chemicals conference, held online this year, included sessions on Safer Chemicals for a Greener Europe, Tracking substances of concern (SCiP) and Harmonised information for national Poison Centres.

  • Session 1: Safer chemicals for a greener Europe
  • Session 2: Tracking substances of concern
  • Session 3: Harmonised information for poison centres

ECHA Helpnet meeting

19-22 October 2020

For observers only: Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey

The meeting programme focused on updating the current issues in the BPR, CLP and REACH implementation as well as on ECHA’s Guidance, Forum and communication activities. The meeting consisted also of in-depth workshops on BPR, CLP and REACH.

Helsinki Chemicals Forum

27-28 April 2021

The event was exceptionally held online due to the covid pandemic and ongoing interational travel restrictions. Five panels and presentation on transparency and risk.

  • Panel 1 – Forthcoming ICCM 5: Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste Beyond 2020
  • Panel 2 – Green chemical policy. How ambitious is the new EU Chemicals Strategy?
  • Panel 3 – Transparency & risk communication
  • Panel 4 – Safer substitution
  • Panel 5 – Spotlight on textiles

Safer Chemicals Conference 2021

(formerly ECHA Conference/Stakeholder Day) 6 October 2021
Online event, registrations begins 06 August 2021.

Forum (open sessions not yet confirmed)

November 2021

IPA 2020-2021 Studies


Two Studies planned

Q4 2021 dates tbc

MNE and SRB completed Feb 2021

May 2021 - ALB, BiH, KSV, NMK, TUR research into institutional capacity towards country-specific actions plans/roadmaps towards EU compatible regulations (in review)

IPA 2020-2021 Workshops


CLP Workshop

25 May 2020

The main focus of the workshop was to look into the European Commission’s views on two topics previously raised by the HelpNet, and preview ECHA’s presentations on poison centre notifications that would be webcast at the Safer Chemicals Conference.

REACH Workshop

26 May 2020

The European Commission gave an update on the recent legislative modifications and other acts issued by the Commission, including developments on the REACH authorisation and restrictions processes, REACH Review actions addressed in the REACH Evaluation Joint Action Plan, and an overview of the topics discussed in the past REACH Committee. Also included are perspectives of the German helpdesk, Life AskREACH project, and tracking substances of concern.

HelpNET Workshop

8-9 June 2021

REACH and CLP workshops open to Observers, including those IPA countries with an established national chemicals helpdesk.

HelpNET Workshop

November 2021. Some sessions open to Observers.

IPA 2020-2021 trainings


Chemistry for Non-Chemists

September 2021

Five-half-days course giving basics of phys-chem properties etc. for regulators and inspectors.

Introduction to CLP

October 2021

Five-half-days course taking a detailed look at the EU's implementation of the UN's Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

Hazard Training

November 2021

IPA 2020-2021 Missions


Note: Following WHO and national health authority guidelines, missions were severely curtailed by COVID-19 travel restrictions throughout 2020 and 2021 and replaced wherever practical with online meetings and training.

Fact-finding Mission to Montenegro and Serbia

2-7 Feb 2020

ECHA and study contractor met with Competent Authorities and Inspectors for Chemicals and Biocides, with Chambers of Commerce and Industry, with NGOs and Academia, to gather information for study “Assessment of the national capacity and readiness to implement and enforce REACH, CLP, BPR and PIC in Montenegro and Serbia“. The study concluded in November 2020 with country-specific action plans presented to the responsible hierarchies in both countries.