Harmonizovaná klasifikace a označování

The classification and labelling of certain hazardous chemicals must be harmonised to ensure adequate risk management throughout the European Union.

Member States, manufacturers, importers and downstream users may propose a harmonised classification and labelling of a substance. Member States can also propose a revision of an existing harmonisation.

Harmonised classifications and labelling are mandatory for the suppliers of respective substances so that users are better informed about their potential hazardous effects and how best to make use of them safely.


Public consultation on harmonised classification and labelling proposals

The harmonised classification and labelling process (CLH) includes a period of public consultation that lasts 45 days.

Anyone can comment on a proposed harmonisation. Those most likely to be interested are companies, organisations representing industry or civil society, as well as individual experts.

Comments are welcomed from the EU or beyond.




RAC opinion

After the consultation period the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) will prepare a scientific opinion on the proposal taking into account the received comments. RAC will adopt an opinion on any CLH proposal within 18 months of receipt of the proposal.

RAC will examine the available evidence for all hazard classes proposed and may consider another category more appropriate for the classification of the substance after having examined the available information.

The RAC opinion has annexed a background document and a response to comments table based on the comments from the public consultation. When the opinion is adopted, it will be published on ECHA's website together with the background document and the response to comments.

ECHA will forward this opinion and any comments to the Commission. If the Commission finds that the proposed harmonised classification and labelling is appropriate, it will submit a draft decision concerning the inclusion of that substance in Part 3 of Annex VI to CLP.

After its inclusion, all manufacturers, importers and users of the substance in the EU should classify the substance accordingly, enabling the users to be better informed about the substance, its potential effects and how best to make use of it safely. 



Public consultation on requests in accordance with Article 77(3)(c) of REACH

ECHA Executive Director may request RAC to draw up an opinion on any other aspects concerning the safety of substances on their own, in mixtures or in articles according to article 77(3) of REACH. This way, RAC may be given a mandate to address one or more specific issues related to classification and labelling. A public consultation may be held to help RAC in adopting its opinion.

Only the topics defined in the mandate are addressed and comments may only be requested on the defined endpoint or question for which the mandate has been given. RAC will limit its assessment to that specific endpoint or question.