Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation

Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation

Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation

This page provides further information on the applications for authorisation or review reports, which have undergone consultation. The applications for authorisation are in the opinion development phase until the final opinions of the Committees for Risk Assessment and Socio-economic Analysis have been adopted and sent to the European Commission. Its decision-making process can be followed through the comitology register, where further information is published about the REACH Committee's past and upcoming meetings.

On 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) withdrew from the EU. The transition period provided by the withdrawal agreement ended on 31 December 2020. As of 1 January 2021, an application for an authorisation submitted by a person established in the UK (except Northern Ireland) is no longer valid in the EU, unless that application has been transferred to a legal entity established in the EU or Northern Ireland before the end of the transition period. Therefore, authorisation applications and decisions in so far as these concern persons established in the UK (except Northern Ireland) are no longer considered valid. 


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Substance Details

4-Nonylphenol, branched and linear, ethoxylated
EC Number
CAS Number
Entry Nr in Annex XIV
Use name
Industrial use as polymer additive in the manufacture of interlayer polymer films for laminated safety glass
Broad information on use applied for (conditions of use and function)
- Sekisui S-lec B.V. establishes a new line to produce Solar Control Film in its Dutch facilities.
- Solar Control Film is a key technology in reducing energy consumption in the automotive sector (UV and thermal radiation absorption of sunlight).
- For the specialized function of the Solar Control Film the use of Nonylphenol (NP) releasing substances is necessary. These substances are imported as part of a mixture (concentration 1-5 % (w/w).
- The NP releasers are added in small quantities to the polymer (final concentration in film: < 0.01 %(w/w).
- Polymer film is produced in closed system, the only relevant emission source is the cooling bath for the film during production, where minimal migration of NP releasers into the cooling water is assumed.
- From the Solar Control Film and the final product (laminated safety glass in cars) no exposure to humans and the environment is expected.

The key functions of the NP releasers are:
- Forming a self-assembling monolayer on the metal-oxide particles; thereby increasing the solubility of the inorganic particles in the organic matrix and facilitating a homogeneous fine dispersion of the particles
- Increasing the overall stability of the mixture containing the metal-oxide particles (stable dispersion)
- Increasing the adhesion of the PVB film to the glass sheets by preventing the reaction of the adhesion control agent with the metal-oxide particles.

Annual tonnage used: 10-1000kg (NP releasers)
Review period requested: 7 years
Use applied for number in application for authorisation
Broad information on use applied for (Use descriptor system)
Sector of end use (SU): 12
Environmental release category (ERC): 5
Process category (PROC): 2, 6, 8b, 14, 21
Product category (PC): 32
Article category related to subsequent service life (AC): n/a
Technical Function: Dispersing agent, vehicle
Summary table of RMMs and OCs (non confidential)
Chemical Safety Report (original and updated, if available) (non confidential)
Analysis of Alternatives (non confidential report)
Substitution Plan (non confidential summary)
Socio-Economic Analysis (non confidential report)
Joint Analysis of Alternatives and Socio-Economic Analysis (non confidential report)
Explanatory note
Additional information
Sekisui S-lec BV Roermond
Application type
Commission decided
Other consultations on the same/ similar use
Comments submitted to date
No comments received
Response to comments by applicant
Responses to RAC and SEAC requests by Applicant(s) (non confidential)
Compiled RAC and SEAC opinions
Minority positions
Adopted commission decision (OJ summary)
Authorisation decision

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