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Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation

Adopted opinions and previous consultations on applications for authorisation


This page provides further information on the applications for authorisation or review reports, which have undergone public consultation. The applications for authorisation are in the opinion development phase until the final opinions of the Committees for Risk Assessment and Socio-economic Analysis have been adopted and sent to the European Commission. The European Commission's decision-making process can be followed through the comitology register, where further information is published about the REACH Committee's past and upcoming meetings.

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Substance Details

Ammonium dichromate
EC Number
CAS Number
Entry Nr in Annex XIV
Use name
Industrial use of Ammonium Dichromate in the process of manufacturing holographic combiners for diffractive head-up displays intended to be used in military aircrafts
Broad information on use applied for (conditions of use and function)
Under Use-1, BAE Systems, Electronic Systems (Rochester, United Kingdom) and Qioptiq (St. Asaph, United Kingdom) use ammonium dichromate as a photo-sensitive chemical in the process of manufacturing holographic combiners for diffractive head-up displays (HUDs) intended to be used in military aircrafts. The functional properties sought-after with ammonium dichromate include photo-sensitivity, wavelength sensitivity range, solubility and controlled refractive index in gelatine.

The manufacture of holographic combiners is carried out by the Applicants:

  • at two facilities in the United Kingdom (BAE SYSTEMS, Rochester who manufacture master holograms and QIOPTIQ, St Asaph who manufacture holographic combiners by duplicating the master holograms)
  • in dedicated bespoke facilities with cleanroom conditions
  • by a total of 12 operators
The total annual use of ammonium dichromate for the two sites of the Application for Authorisation amounts to 6 kg. Personal protection equipment is worn by operators throughout the process.

Use-1 concerns several military aircraft platforms and notably: the Eurofighter Typhoon which is still in production and will need legacy spares as well as Lockheed Martin’s F22 Raptor and F16 Fighting Falcon which have finished production but still need legacy spares. The remaining lifespan of said aircrafts is 25 to 30 years post-sunset date. Holographic HUDs are a primary flight instrument as they display all flight parameters such as speed, heading, pitch bars, climb/dive/roll/flight path marker, flight mode and are therefore essential for the airworthiness of aircrafts.

Annual tonnage used: 6 kg per year
Review period requested: 12 years
Use applied for number in application for authorisation
Broad information on use applied for (Use descriptor system)
Sector of end use (SU): 16
Environmental release category (ERC): 5
Process category (PROC): 15
Product category (PC): 0: Other
Technical Function: Photosensitive agents and other photo-chemicals
Summary table of RMMs and OCs (non confidential)
Section 9 and 10 of the CSR (original and updated, if available) (non confidential)
Analysis of Alternatives (non confidential report)
Substitution Plan (non confidential summary)
Socio-Economic Analysis (non confidential report)
Joint Analysis of Alternatives and Socio-Economic Analysis (non confidential report)
Explanatory note
Additional information
BAE Systems (Operations) Limited
Qioptiq Ltd
Application type
Commission decided
Other consultations on the same/ similar use
Comments submitted to date
No comments received
Response to comments by applicant
Responses to RAC and SEAC requests by Applicant(s) (non confidential)
Compiled RAC and SEAC opinions
Minority positions
Adopted commission decision (OJ summary)
Authorisation decision

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