The European Chemicals Agency comprises:

  • A Management Board, responsible for adopting the financial planning, work programme, and annual reporting of the Agency, inter alia. 
  • An Executive Director: the legal representative of the Agency, responsible for the day to day management and administration of the Agency, including responsibility over its finances. The Executive Director reports to the Management Board. 
  •  A Member State Committee, to resolve differences of opinion on draft decisions proposed by the Agency or Member States and to make proposals for identification of substances of very high concern.
  • Risk Assessment Committee, to prepare opinions on evaluation, on applications for authorisation, on proposals for restrictions and on classification and labelling.
  •  A Committee for Socio-economic Analysis, to prepare opinions on applications for authorisation, on proposals for restrictions and on questions relating to the socio-economic impact of proposed legislative action.
  • Forum on enforcement matters, to coordinate a network of Member State competent authorities responsible for enforcement.
  • Biocidal Products Committee, to prepare opinions on applications for approval and renewal of active substances, identification of active substances which are candidates for substitution, applications for inclusion in Annex I, applications for Union authorisation, scientific and technical matters concerning mutual recognition.
  •  A Secretariat, under the leadership of the Executive Director, to support the Committees and Forum, and to undertake work on registration and evaluation processes as well as the preparation of guidance, maintenance of databases and provision of information.
  • Board of Appeal, to decide on appeals against decisions taken by the Agency.

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Page-1 Executive Director Bjorn Hansen EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Bjorn Hansen Management Board Paul Krajnik MANAGEMENT BOARD Paul Krajnik Board of Appeal BoA Antoine Buchet BOARD OF APPEAL BOA Antoine Buchet Communications A1 Johanna Salomaa-Valkamo COMMUNICATIONS A1 Johanna Salomaa-Valkamo Hazard Assessment C Christel Musset HAZARD ASSESSMENT C Christel Musset Submissions and Interaction A Jukka Malm SUBMISSIONS AND INTERACTION A Jukka Malm Submission and Processing A3 Tiago Pedrosa SUBMISSION AND PROCESSING A3 Tiago Pedrosa Risk Management D Peter van der Zandt RISK MANAGEMENT D Peter van der Zandt Information Systems I Mike Rasenberg, Acting Director INFORMATION SYSTEMS I Mike Rasenberg, Acting Director Resources R Shay O’Malley RESOURCES R Shay OMalley Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis SEAC Maria Ottati COMMITTEE FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC ANALYSIS SEAC Maria Ottati Enforcement Forum FORUM Katja vom Hofe ENFORCEMENT FORUM FORUM Katja vom Hofe Member State Committee MSC Watze de Wolf MEMBER STATE COMMITTEE MSC Watze de Wolf Committee for Risk Assessment RAC Tim Bowmer COMMITTEE FOR RISK ASSESSMENT RAC Tim Bowmer ORGANISATION CHART ORGANISATION CHART Biocidal Products Committee BPC Erik van de Plassche BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS COMMITTEE BPC Erik van de Plassche Deputy Executive Director Jukka Malm DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jukka Malm * The Quality Manager forms part of the Governance, Strategy ... * The Quality Manager forms part of the Governance, Strategy and Relations Unit Prioritisation and Integration B Jack de Bruijn PRIORITISATION AND INTEGRATION B Jack de Bruijn Prioritisation B3 Elina Karhu PRIORITISATION B3 Elina Karhu Ver 1.0/2021 Ver 1.0/2021 Support and Enforcement A2 Erwin Annys SUPPORT AND ENFORCEMENT A2 Erwin Annys Data Availability A4 Annika Mälkiä, Acting HoU DATA AVAILABILITY A4 Annika Mälkiä, Acting HoU Computational Assessment B2 Mercedes Viñas COMPUTATIONAL ASSESSMENT B2 Mercedes Viñas Exposure and Supply Chain B4 Kevin Pollard EXPOSURE AND SUPPLY CHAIN B4 Kevin Pollard Chemistry B1 Jos Mossink CHEMISTRY B1 Jos Mossink Hazard I C1 Stella Jones HAZARD I C1 Stella Jones Hazard III C3 Ofelia Bercaru HAZARD III C3 Ofelia Bercaru Hazard II C2 Wim De Coen HAZARD II C2 Wim De Coen Hazard IV C4 Sampo Karkola, Acting HoU HAZARD IV C4 Sampo Karkola, Acting HoU Biocidal Products D2 Hugues Kenigswald BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS D2 Hugues Kenigswald Biocidal Active Substances D1 Claudio Carlon BIOCIDAL ACTIVE SUBSTANCES D1 Claudio Carlon Risk Management I D3 Mark Blainey RISK MANAGEMENT I D3 Mark Blainey Risk Management II D4 Matti Vainio RISK MANAGEMENT II D4 Matti Vainio IT Infrastructure and Support I1 Loukas Georgiou IT INFRASTRUCTURE AND SUPPORT I1 Loukas Georgiou Business Information Systems I2 Fabrizio Francioso BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS I2 Fabrizio Francioso Management Information Systems I3 Orion Andrews MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS I3 Orion Andrews Finance R1 Tuula Hakala FINANCE R1 Tuula Hakala Human Resources R2 Eric Rieger, Acting HoU HUMAN RESOURCES R2 Eric Rieger, Acting HoU Corporate Services R3 John Wickham CORPORATE SERVICES R3 John Wickham Registry of the Board of Appeal RBoA Alen Močilnikar REGISTRY OF THE BOARD OF APPEAL RBOA Alen Močilnikar ECHA Bodies ECHA Bodies Executive Director Executive Director Unit Unit Staff Staff Legal Affairs E2 Minna Heikkilä LEGAL AFFAIRS E2 Minna Heikkilä Governance, Strategy and Relations* E1 Frank Büchler GOVERNANCE, STRATEGY AND RELATIONS* E1 Frank Büchler Directorate Directorate Internal Audit IAC Minna Strömberg INTERNAL AUDIT IAC Minna Strömberg 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 5 6 7 9 0 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 5 7 2 4

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