Biocidal Products Committee

The Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) prepares the opinions of ECHA related to several BPR processes. The final decisions are taken by the European Commission. The processes are:

  • Applications for approval and renewal of approval of active substances
  • Review of approval of active substances
  • Applications for inclusion in Annex I of active substances meeting the conditions laid down in Article 28 and review of the inclusion of such active substances in Annex I
  • Identification of active substances which are candidates for substitution
  • Applications for Union authorisation of biocidal products and for renewal, cancellation and amendments of Union authorisations, except where the applications are for administrative changes
  • Scientific and technical matters concerning mutual recognition in accordance with Article 38
  • At the request of the Commission or of the Member States, the BPC is also responsible for preparing an opinion on any other questions that may arise from the operation of the BPR relating to risks to human or animal health or the environment, or to technical guidance.


Each Member State is entitled to appoint one member to the BPC for a renewable term of three years. They may also appoint an alternate member.

Applicants may participate in BPC discussions.  The agenda for each BPC meeting is published at the latest 21 days before a meeting. If applicants wish to participate for their agenda item, they should contact the BPC Secretariat (BPC (at) and in particular follow the approach described in section 3 of the Code of Conduct for Applicants Participating in the BPC and its Working Groups.

Working procedures