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European Ombudsman

European Ombudsman

This table contains inquiries by the European Ombudsman concerning ECHA, both related to complaints as well as own-initiative inquiries, which have a broader scope. It shows only closed cases and does not include individual cases related to specific recruitment and selection procedures.

The relevant cases have been classified into four categories:

  1. Access to documents and dissemination: cases related to requests for access to documents and the dissemination of information;
  2. Administration: cases related to administrative matters;
  3. Animal testing: cases related to the avoidance of animal testing;
  4. ECHA’s scientific decisions: cases relating scientific decisions;
  5. Own-initiative inquiries: cases related to own-initiative inquiries by the European Ombudsman.
  6. Procedures: cases related to procedural matters.


Case number Parties Keywords Main Legal Provisions Date of the decision
1130/2016/JAS PETA v European Commission ECHA Statement, Animal testing, Cosmetics Art. 13 TFEU, Art. 75 REACH, Art. 18 Cosmetics regulation 21/07/2017
1606/2013/AN Group of NGOs    v ECHA Animal testing, alternative methods Art. 4 ECGAB, Art. 13 REACH 11/09/2015
1568/2012/(FOR)AN PETA Foundation v ECHA  Compliance check, animal testing Art. 4  of the  European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour (ECGAB);
Art. 13, 25 and 41 REACH
1301/2013/(FOR)AN European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) v ECHA ECHA Factsheet, animal testing Art. 4 ECGAB;  
Art. 20(2) REACH;
Annex VIII, section 8.7.1, column 2 REACH

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