ECHA Managers

Declarations of interests of ECHA Managers

Declarations of interests of ECHA Managers

Name Title Annual declaration of interests
BUCHLER Frank Head of Unit - Governance, Strategy and Relations [PDF]
HEIKKILÄ Minna Head of Unit - Legal Affairs [PDF]
MALM Jukka Director of Submissions and Interaction [PDF]
SALOMAA-VALKAMO Johanna Head of Unit - Communications [PDF]
ANNYS Ewin Head of Unit - Support and Enforcement [PDF]
PEDROSA Tiago Head of Unit - Submission and Processing [PDF]
MALKIA Annika Acting Head of Unit - Data Availability [PDF]
DE BRUIJN Jack Director of Prioritisation and Integration [PDF]
MOSSINK Jos Head of Unit - Chemistry [PDF]
VINAS Mercedes Head of Unit - Computational Assessment [PDF]
KARHU Elina Head of Unit - Prioritisation [PDF]
POLLARD Kevin Head of Unit - Exposure and Supply Chain [PDF]
MUSSET Christel Director of Hazard Assessment [PDF]
JONES Stella Head of Unit - Hazard I [PDF]
DE COEN Wim Head of Unit - Hazard II [PDF]
BERCARU Ofelia Head Unit - Hazard III [PDF]
KARKOLA Sampo Acting Head of Unit - Hazard IV [PDF]
VAN DER ZANDT Peter Director of Risk Management [PDF]
CARLON Claudio Head of Unit - Biocidal Active Substance [PDF]
KENIGSWALD Hugues Head of Unit - Biocidal Products [PDF]
BLAINEY Mark Head of Unit - Risk Management I [PDF]
VAINIO Matti Head of Unit - Risk Management II [PDF]
RASENBERG Mike Acting Director of Information Systems [PDF]
ANDREWS Orion Head of Unit - IT Infrastructure and Support [PDF]
FRANCIOSO Fabrizio Head of Unit - Business Information Systems [PDF]
HIRVONEN Hannu Head of Unit - Management Information Systems [PDF]
O'MALLEY Shay Director of Resources [PDF]
HAKALA Tuula Head of Unit - Finance [PDF]
RIEGER Eric Acting Head of Unit - Human Resources [PDF]
WICKHAM John Head of Unit - Corporate Services [PDF]

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