Board of Appeal

BoA members

Surname First NameCurriculum vitaeAnnual declaration of interests
Date of last review*
BUCHET Antoine [PDF] [PDF]  07/04/2020
GEORGIADIS Nikolaos [PDF] [PDF]  01/03/2021
N N [] []
GEORGIEVA Ekaterina [PDF] [PDF]  26/04/2020
MORENO Ángel-Manuel [PDF] [PDF]  08/04/2020
NAVIN-JONES Marcus Berwyn [PDF] []
SCHULTHEISS Christian [PDF] []
VUORENSOLA Sakari [PDF] [PDF]  20/04/2020
JENSEN-KORTE Uta [PDF] [PDF]  17/01/2020
MERKOURAKIS Spyridon [PDF] [PDF]  22/01/2020
SCHUTTE Katrin [PDF] [PDF]  20/01/2020

* ECHA checks the Declarations of Interest every year. If there are no changes, the member indicates this in writing to ECHA but the declaration template itself is not updated. If a new member joins or there is a change needed in the declaration, the member submits a new declaration, ECHA reviews the content, takes the necessary actions and publishes the declaration on the website.

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