Graduate scheme

The ECHA graduate scheme helps you to find training with a view to being better qualified as regulatory scientists and regulatory affairs professionals to work in the field of chemicals dealing with REACH, CLP, biocides and PIC.  You can gain insight into the type of work done by regulatory scientists and of the qualifications and professional experience generally required to work in this field.  In addition there are short-term traineeships at ECHA and these offer the opportunity to gain relevant experience towards becoming a regulatory affairs professional.

There are various specialist education and training programmes already available within Europe that are relevant to working as a regulatory scientist in the field of chemicals. The link below offers a list of useful contacts for existing relevant academic courses on toxicology, ecotoxicology, risk assessment and REACH, CLP, biocides and PIC legislation.

Regulatory scientists and regulatory affairs professionals at ECHA come from a variety of disciplines such as chemistry, biology, environmental science, toxicology, exposure and risk assessment and law. They work in multidisciplinary teams to ensure the correct implementation of the chemicals regulation.

This involves problem solving based on a solid scientific approach but taking into account the legal requirements, including a variety of policy elements as well as socio-economic analysis.

Some of the typical tasks include:

  • Scientific assessment of physico-chemical, environmental and toxicological data provided by companies
  • Evaluation of the risks generated by the use of chemicals
  • Coordinating the development of new and on-going testing and assessment strategies
  • Coordinating socio-economic assessment in relation to the decision of authorising the use of a substance or restricting it
  • Providing scientific, technical and legal support to companies about the chemicals they register
  • Development of technical guidance documents
  • Providing expert advice to the European Commission in the field of chemicals
  • Representing the Agency and Commission at an international level

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