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Workshop on the use of REACH/CLP information at industrial sites


This workshop will discuss with stakeholders how information generated through the REACH and CLP processes can be used to promote the safe use of chemicals at industrial sites. The objectives are to explore how the data generated by REACH and CLP can support companies in complying with their obligations under other legislations, how that use of information can be improved and how to increase the awareness of industrial users of chemicals on the REACH/CLP data.

Key topics

  • State of play and expectations
  • Overview of the information that can be obtained from REACH/CLP
  • Experience to date from industry and authorities
  • Discussion of what information would be most beneficial to downstream users, where and how it could be used, based on a case study


The workshop is limited in size to promote discussion and participation is by invitation. The first announcement with a request for Expression of Interest has been sent to representatives of authorities and industry.




Target audience

Industry practitioners and authorities with a sound practical knowledge of REACH/CLP and the main environmental and occupational health directives (IED, CAD and CMD) at industrial sites.


The language of the meeting is English.

Contact email

For specific questions, contact: downstream_users (at)

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