Workshop on the results of the Forum REF-10 project on Integrated chemical compliance of products.

Online | 24/04/2024 | -

The Workshop on the Forum REACH-ENFORCE-10 (REF-10) project took place on 24 April 2024. More than 100 participants followed the event. 

At the open session, the Forum working group managing the REF-10 project (WG REF -10) presented the results and recommendations to the stakeholder organisations. The stakeholders and the national coordinators of the project presented their perspectives and engaged in a fruitful exchange of views encouraging industry to take actions to promote chemical compliance of consumer products. 

At the debriefing session with the inspectors and national coordinators of REF-10, the WG presented a practical guidance for inspectors based on the experience and lessons learn from the project. The session was an opportunity to reach out the actors leading in Europe the process of identification of non-compliant consumer articles and mixtures and the resulting enforcement actions. 

Date and venue

The workshop was held online on 24 April 2024




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