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Same Biocidal Product Regulation and new family SPC

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6 September 2016 11:00 - 12:00 EET (GMT +2)



This webinar gives an overview of some of the key changes implemented in R4BP 3 in October 2016.

It highlights the new possibilities introduced with the extended same biocidal products application process and the new family SPC concept. A description of the new same biocidal product process and a step-by-step demo will provide further insight on the IT implementation. 

The webinar is of interest to those companies who would like to take advantage of the new possibilities for the submission of same biocidal products applications and those interested in submitting a biocidal product family application – instead of applying for individual product authorisations.

The content of this webinar is highly technical and previous knowledge of the Biocidal Product Regulation and its tools is recommended.


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